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More Mercenary Voyages are on the way.
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In this week’s dev update, Joe confirms what he broadly discussed on Major Nelson’s podcast last week, about bringing more Mercenary Voyage variations into the game as a way to drive interesting player behaviour without a huge amount of dev overhead (while the studio works on bringing out the big stuff).

Here’s what Joe said about Mercenary Voyages during that show:

We brought in Mercenary voyages [with the latest update]. You go to Duke in the tavern, and there’s one voyage in there at the moment […] but that’s just the first one to celebrate Friends Play Free. As we look forward, we want to have these as regular engagement activities – events and stuff…

We want to really do some interesting things with driving player behaviour. One of the ideas that Mike [Design Director] had is: can you do quests that drive you to one certain part of the world, and maybe to get the commendation you have to have the Reapers Mark flag on your ship..? I think we can do some really interesting stuff with some quite simple changes to quests.

In this dev video Joe also confirmed that we’ll get one or two title updates before Mega Update – these will address bug fixes, introduce further quality of life changes, and bring in new Mercenary Voyages.

Notes from this dev update:

  • The Mercenary cosmetics will be available to late Feb/early March (we can assume a new update at that time).
  • There are some animation-cancelling issues where double-gun can still occur, a fix will come in the next update.
  • The devs are listening to feedback and looking at data, and will take some time to fully evaluate the weapons balancing. They’ll continue to tune and improve as required.
  • The majority of the devs update across the studio is focussed on the Mega Update.
  • Between now and then we’ll see a couple of updates with bug fixes and broad QOL improvements. These updates will also bring new mercenary voyages. 
  • Eventually anyone will be able to opt-in to Pioneers.

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