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Update: The offer is live!
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Are you a lonely pirate? Do you long for a crewmate (or three) to join your piratical exploits? Fear no more, solitary swashbuckler! For one week only, you can invite up to three friends to set sail with you on the Sea of Thieves – completely free! Don’t miss Friends Play Free, running from February 6th–13th. Simply head over to our website and redeem your codes now!

Whoops, it looks like someone at Rare briefly hit public instead of unlisted when uploading this video. In what was certainly supposed to be a reveal for Inside Xbox, it seems as though we’re about to get a full week of “Friends Play Free”.

The offer is open to any current Sea of Thieves player (you must be part of the free Insider Program) and will allow you to invite up to three of your friends to join your crew. Between the 6th – 13th of February, players can log in on and grab three codes to share with your new first, second and third mates.

In addition, Duke will have a new voyage to complete, that comes with a new Mercenary ship set. That scorpion looks familiar.

We’ll see how long this video remains published, but no doubt we’ll get confirmation tomorrow when the offer officially goes live!

(H/T: Sea Of Thieves HQ)

UPDATE: Freeze Frame! 

Let’s take a magnifying glass to those open browser tabs and hit pause!

The “Oh Skeleton Cloud” video might be the cutest thing you see this week.

Buy the “Dogs Of Rare” Charity Calendar here.

And “Parrots confirmed”? That’s from a forum post from a year ago.


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