The latest Pirate Times teases a new voyage type

Another reason to be a little bit mercenary.

Pictured: another reason, if required, to be a little bit mercenary

In the latest Pirate Times, the Sea Of Thieves community team has teased something new coming to the game. In a section titled “Tip-Top Tipple Treasures” we see a graphic of a new voyage type: a scroll adorned with a scorpion seal.

From the article:

The Pirate Times is informed that a tenacious but unknown rum runner has recently chosen to scatter their stash of illicit alcohol and loot around the Sea of Thieves!

All three Trading Companies are interested in this haul, so Duke is working on tracking down the goods and finding a way for all pirates to profit. Anyone with a mercenary streak should keep their ears open for more details to emerge soon!

“Tipple Treasures”, “rum runner” and “illicit alcohol” suggest a rum-based voyage – although plain old “loot” is mentioned as well. Duke is involved too, so will we see the earning (or spending) of doubloons in the mix?

Finally, the word “mercenary” is used twice here. A mercenary works for pay, regardless of allegiance, so perhaps the mention of “all three Trading Companies” indicates a voyage where the payload can be sold to any (or all) of them.

We’re due to hear more from the devs in the next Dev Update, as well as Inside Xbox – so there’s not too long a wait to find out.


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