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Cross play controls are coming for console players.
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In a dev update today that covered reporting and banning toxic behaviour, and some background on the thinking behind the the upcoming weapons balance (with a detailed breakdown of the changes coming in next week’s dev update), Executive Producer Joe Neate covered another topic that has been a long standing point of discussions among Sea of Thieves players: cross play.

Joe has confirmed that, in the lead up to the public release of The Arena, console players will be able to opt out of cross-play in both Adventure mode and The Arena.

Sea of Thieves is a cross play title, and we love what this brings to the game itself. We love that people on PC and on console can play together, we love that we’ve broken down boundaries, and we see so many people playing in families together, and partners, and people making new friends across the platform divide that was previously there.

But we’ve also been listening to feedback from our players – especially with Arena on the horizon – and [we want] everybody [to feel] that they have a level playing field, that they have that option.

We’ve been discussing this at length internally, and we’ve arrived at a solution that we are starting [to implement]. This isn’t going to be coming right away, but we want to make sure that giving an option for players arrives before Arena lands in players hands.

What this is going to be is: if you’re playing on console and you’re using a controller, you’ll have the option to only matchmake with other players on console using a controller.

Every other player that wants to continue playing cross play will be put into the cross play pool.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback around this, we’ve talked about it a lot, and we definitely believe this is the right approach for Sea of Thieves, especially with that competitive mode coming on the horizon.

When we do implement this, that option will be available whether you’re going into Adventure [mode], or going into Arena.

Joe went on to confirm that they’ll share more detail about this as they get ready to release it, as there are a lot of considerations around matchmaking, messaging UI and more.

Joe also confirmed again that mouse and keyboard support will be coming to console. As that relates to cross play, if you play with mouse and keyboard on console, you will automatically be put into the cross play pool.


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