A full weapons rebalance is coming

Bullet-speed, damage, knock-back, hip-fire all to be tweaked.

In a (very short) dev update this week, Joe expanded on the brief mentions we’ve heard previously about some “all-up combat tweaks” that  are coming in the Feb 6 update. Here’s his direct quote from the video:

As well as [the double gun fix], we’re looking at a bunch of general combat tweaks and improvements – everything around personal combat. At the moment we’re testing a bunch of those changes and tweaks with Pioneers, so we’re not quite ready to talk about the specifics of what we’re doing because we’re still taking feedback and adjusting, but broadly we’re going to be hitting a wide range of areas.

Things like weapon reloads, the swordplay, bullet-speed and damage, the double-gun stuff, knock-back, hip-fire – all of the different elements, we’re doing little tweaks just to try and balance out that experience.

Long time players may remember the last weapons balancing took place in April 2018 when blunderbuss damage was reduced and eye-of-reach damage was increased.

It’s been 9 months with no further changes though, and with The Arena on the horizon it’s a great time to bring further improvements to the combat to allow players to acclimatise before the more dedicated competition mode arrives.


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