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Developer Update (video)

β€œWhat I do have are a very particular set of skills.”
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Notes of interest:

  • A wave of bans have gone out for a “very small amount” of players who have been cheating. “We will find you, and we will ban you.”
  • A new update will come on February 6th.
  • As part of the update players will need to re-download the full game again, however the overall game size is much smaller (roughly half or less).
  • As well as general quality-of-life improvements, streamer mode, double-gun fix, and combat tweaks/improvements are also coming in the Feb 6 release.
  • There’s a “fun little thing” planned for the release too, but they’re not ready to talk about it yet.
  • Current development focus is on getting The Arena to Pioneers to begin testing and feedback.

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