Sea of Thieves in the Top 10 most searched video games on Google

It’s the most searched new IP on the list.

Sea of Thieves has garnered the 7th spot in the trending “video games” search results in Google’s Year In Search 2018.

While it’s a genuinely impressive result for a supposedly “dead game“, it’s worth keeping context in mind. According to Google “lists are based on search terms that had the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year.” With this in mind it makes sense that Sea of Thieves might be higher on this list since it launched this year. It is notable though that it’s the highest new IP on the list, and the other franchise games all launched this year too.

Delving a bit further in the “Sea of Thieves” search trend is interesting too. Let’s take a look at the interest by region:

Sea of Thieves seems to really resonate strongly with our friends in the nordic countries with Norway taking the top spot. Do they love pirate games, or do they just have a lot of thieves in their local seas?

Check out the list of all search trend categories here.

Hat tip: @KatTruewalker


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