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Developer Update (video)

Too Shrouded, Two Spoils.
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Notes of interest:

  • The feedback on Shrouded Spoils has been great.
  • Feedback on the release will be monitored over time, for example:
    • Frequency of forts, krakens
    • Difficulty of the Devil’s Roar, maybe rock accuracy has been turned down too far?
  • The Bone Crusher cannon design will be tweaked for better visibility when manning the cannons.
  • Because the changes to some of the achievements have been made without any prior notice, and some players were still trying to reach them, any player who reaches the new achievement thresholds by December 14th 2018 will get the Overachiever sails. More on that here.
  • The Shrouded Spoils time-limited cosmetics will be available to purchase from Duke throughout December.
  • Phil Spencer (VP of Gaming, Microsoft) and Matt Booty (Head of Microsoft Studios) recently visited Rare to talk through lots of stdio related stuff. Podcast with Matt coming soon.

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