Sea of Tease: New ship-to-ship interactions are on the horizon

New and interesting ways.

Reddit user Decoraan spotted this interesting tidbit from the most recent weekly dev live-stream (1:00:13):

Joe (reading question): “Have you ever considered boarding ropes?” Hmmmmmm

James: Ah, interesting..!

Joe: That’s an interesting questions isn’t it. James, have you ever considered boarding ropes in Sea of Thieves?

James: Boarding ropes is, ah, it’s an interesting one. I’m not usually that into PvP so, ah, it’s something I’m sure I could look at using?

[Gameplay mayhem]

Joe: New and interesting ways for interactions between ships and stuff in the future, it’s definitely [something] we’ve got our eye on. Not directly boarding ropes, but new and interesting ways for ship-to-ship interaction that will be interesting in both the Adventure world and Arena…

James: A lot of the stuff we try and look at, it’s not always just a single use. It’s got to have different way you can use it; different ways it can fit into the story of Sea of Thieves as well.

Jon: That ‘toy in the sandbox’ kind of thing.

Joe: ‘A tool, not a rule’.

This is a particularly interesting tease in light of some of Drew Steven’s comments in relation to some of the mild pushback about The Arena:

I’d also note that features we develop for one game mode will often strengthen the other. I wont drop any specific spoilers but when spinning up the Arena team we identified some extensions to our existing systems that would be needed to add tactical depth to the Arena – these will be added to adventure mode at the same time they launch to add all of that tactical play to both modes! This new part of Sea of Thieves is not as isolated as you might have thought 🤝

We’ve seen boarding axes discussed quite a bit over the months – and axes do appear in the game, so we know they’re already modelled. Axes have been suggested as a tool that could be used to damage ships, as a melee weapon, and to pry boards from repaired holes in a hull. Perhaps this is the type of ‘tool’ that might be worked on?

Or perhaps harpoons?

Almost certainly this new ship-to-ship tool will be coming in early 2019 with the release of The Arena. We’ll keep our eyes on the horizon for more tease in the meantime.


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