More forts, ships, megs and krakens is a permanent thing

The increase in encounters – introduced in Shrouded Spoils – is here to stay.

If you’ve played many of the major Sea of Thieves content updates or Bilge Rat Adventures, you’ll know that it was quite normal for the spawn rates of items or enemies in the game to be increased during the event – the increased numbers of sharks in the lead up to The Hungering Deep, boom-skellies during Gunpowder Skeletons, or mermaid spawns during The Sunken Curse, to name a few.

This has lead to some speculation that perhaps the increased encounters that have made Shrouded Spoils so engaging might be reduced after the event.

Never fear, pirates. Senior Producer, Drew Stevens, clarified the situation on Reddit (emphasis added):

The current spawning rules and how our world events are managed is actually a new system we’ve implemented for Shrouded Spoils.

We are reviewing data and feedback on the frequency of encounters and the completion rate of each event and may tweak/balance on this data to find the optimal setup.

This is not a case of an inflated spawn rate for Shrouded Spoils however, this setup is not Time-limited so will persist in the game well after this event!

So there you have it, confirmation that the newly active seas are indeed here to stay!


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