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Developer Update (video)

Looking forward to XO18 and Shrouded Spoils.
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Notes of interest:

  • Joe reviews Festival of the Damned, watching all the fun ways people are dying and what they’re doing with the lanterns.
  • The only thing that’s time-limited is the cosmetics; the lanterns and beacons remains in the game!
  • The next update is Shrouded Spoils
    • Some of the content from the update is in testing with Pioneers
    • Also testing that the size of all the inclusions fit in game memory
    • Looking at ~late-November
    • A content update video will be on the way, close to release
  • This weekend is XO18 where Joe and Craig Duncan will show off a trailer for Shrouded Spoils, and talk a bit about it on Inside Xbox
  • The next day Joe and Craig will take part in an expanded panel, talking about the game, the future plan and answering questions



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