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Developer Update (video)

Drew “The Talent” Stevens.
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Drew takes over for Joe, who is too busy galavanting.

Notes of interest:

  • Forsaken Shores is now finished, and the time-limited cosmetic content is gone
  • Everything else from Forsaken Shores remains in the game, including the campaign, commendations and titles, and doubloons.
  • Festival of the Damned is now live!
  • Take the light from the well of souls of the Ferry and light your ship lanterns.
  • There’s beacons around the world to light for various commendations.
  • Festival and Ferryman cosmetics, as well as face-paint and makeup.
  • Storms are more dangerous during the festival.
  • Server migrations have been improved around Skelly Ship battles.
  • Eye of Reach reload speed has been re-aligned to match the animation.

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