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24-to-48 hours of pure pirate pedantry.
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Updated: Video from The Cutthroats added above!

While some of us can eek out a couple of hours to sail the seas every week, other absolute madmen spend days hunting and hoarding.

Reddit user /u/JPizzel133 and his crew spent about 24 hours turning their Brigantine into a trash barge. Why? Why not! Watch to the end to see what treasure awaits in the hold.

“I Love Trash” from r/Seaofthieves


Not to be outdone, the insane pirate posse known as The Cutthroats spent 48 hours collecting over one thousand skulls, then carefully arranging them on a fort to celebrate Halloween.

Epic, work pirates! Now, for the Pirate Lord’s sake, go get some fresh air.


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