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Settling into a more stable release schedule.
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Cool stuff from Joe in this one. The last two releases have felt much more robust, and with the amount of content that’s been released into the game since launch, it does make sense to completely remove the intermediary weekly updates where there’s no significant changes being added to the game.

Notes of interest:

  • Cargo Runs are out! Joe’s interested to see how stories emerge from Cargo Runs, and also to get a perspective of how Cargo Runs effect Merchant Alliance (tacit admission that Merchants are the least activated voyage type).
  • Forsaken Shores has been a good test of taking the time to use Pioneer testing on an update to make sure the update is stable.
  • This mean Rare now want to move away from weekly updates, into a more structure release cycle with Pioneer testing as part of the process for every release.
  • The plan is only to update the game when they’re delivering “significant player value” to people.
  • Releases will happen for major content updates, Bilge Rat Adventures, significant quality of life updates, or targeted bug fixes.
  • Rare want to make it easier to get in to the Pioneers program.
  • They’re be adding rewards for taking part in Pioneers (no details yet).
  • Festival of the Damned will be the next update (Bilge Rat). It’s “about a festival in the Sea of Thieves that celebrate the Ferryman.
  • An update on Future Content Plans will be coming in the near future. In many ways the Sea of Thieves journey feels like it’s still in it’s early stages.

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