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Week one of Forsaken Shores was smooth sailing…
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Not a lot of info in this one, folks. To be honest, it’s nice that the launch of a major new expansion went smoothly and there’s not a lot to cover off. The only notes of interest are:

  • Using Pioneers to get feedback and stability metrics for the launch of Forsaken Shores, which was “pretty uneventful”, was great!
  • Joe loves the rowboat.
  • Rare are looking at difficulty-balancing and feedback from The Devil’s Roar. It’s supposed to be a difficult, perilous place where the rewards are greater. They’ll continue to monitor feedback and telemetry over time. Keep giving feedback!
  • They’re seen an issue pop up with voyage commendations. They’re working on a fix.
  • The team is working on Cargo Runs and getting them ready for “Week 3” of Forsaken Shores. Pioneers have been testing this already and will continue to do so throughout this week, to give time for feedback and balance as well as squashing bugs.
  • There is a Bilge Rat adventure on the way after the Forsaken Shores campaign. It’s a “really cool one, a kind of unique one”. Though they’re “not ready to talk about it yet”, Rare will tease it at NYCC later this week.
  • The NYCC panel will be recorded (we’ll summarise it here at Sea of News, as usual).

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