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Panel: Tales from the Creation of Sea of Thieves (video)

EGX panel with Shelley, Mike, Joe, John and Craig from Rare.
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Some of the team from Rare sat down at EGX to discuss what it’s been like to build Sea of Thieves, then take questions from the audience.

It’s worth watching the whole thing above if you’re interested – but, if you don’t have time, here’s some notes of interest:

  • Forsaken Shores: Geysers destroy skeletons.
  • Forsaken Shores: During Cargo Runs, carrying plants partially obscures your view making them difficult to handle.
  • Tease: Shelley mentioned they’re currently “cooking up some new stuff for the future”.
  • Six ships per server was always based more on the experiential aspect rather than performance. It’s something they continue to monitor, however there is ongoing work to bring Skelly Ships into the world in an emergent way (beyond the current fort-style mechanic).
  • Inviting your friends to the same server is definitely in their future plans, but not a current priority. However Craig Duncan (Rare Studio Head) asks for it often.
  • Regarding Pirate Legends and Athena 10 PLs; “new quests” are currently in planning and “coming soon”, though not in days/weeks timeframe.
  • During a discussion about expanding the core voyages (they are actively being planned as part of ongoing work enriching the game), Joe mentioned that “interesting animal variants” will be coming in a while (he was then berated for leaking again).
  • Own-crew damage was discussed. Interestingly it was part of the initial prototyping, but they found it got old after a while, and can be problematic with open crews. However Mike and Joe mentioned players becoming cursed and susceptible to own-crew damage would be something they could explore in future.

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