Forsaken Shores delayed until September 27th

Adjust your schedule accordingly.

Unfortunately, after a weekend of play-testing in the Pioneers group, Rare have decided to delay the release of Forsaken Shores by a week.

In a followup post on the Sea of Thieves forum, executive producer, Joe Neate, described the issue in a little more detail:

We have just had a weekend of Pioneer testing, which has highlighted a memory issue in the build, which is resulting in an unstable build where a large number of our Pioneers were experiencing crashes. From our investigations this is a complex issue that we are working through solving, but as such we do not feel in a position to release Forsaken Shores to our players with confidence this week.

Our goal this week is to resolve the memory issue and get enough Pioneer coverage so that we are confident we have resolved the issue, prior to releasing to all of our players. As such, we are moving the release of Forsaken Shores to Thursday 27th September. This will give us time to implement fixes, test, and get builds out to Pioneers to gain confidence.

While the delay is disappointing, it’s understandable. We’re really excited to explore The Devil’s Roar, but a full week of game crashes while exploring a brand new part of the world is not something anyone should be all that keen to experience.

Rare will cop some flack for this delay, and while some of the criticism is warranted (in particular after the release of the current Bilge Rat adventure, which introduced a multitude of bugs and glitches along with a controversial interaction change to barrels), a lot of fans and observers have lost a degree of perspective when discussing bugs and delays in Sea of Thieves.

Rare’s record to date with updates has certainly been patchy, but not unifomrly awful. The Hungering Deep and Cursed Sails both launched on time, with fairly minimal issues – and Cursed Sails in particularly was hailed by the community as a hugely fun and rewarding update, time-based foibles aside.

At Sea of News we land firmly on the side of giving Rare some latitude to get the release ready for prime time, while also bringing more robust testing in line with their release strategy.

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