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Cargo Runs (video)

Run, donโ€™t walk. Actually, sometimes walk.
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Cargo Runs, a new Merchant Alliance voyage, are coming in Forsaken Shores. In this video the team from Rare give us some insight into how these voyages will work, and a few other spicy tidbits.

The basic premise of cargo runs is that a character in the world will commission you to take some cargo (plants, cloth, or rum) and deliver it to another character in the world. The cargo each contain different properties, meaning they can take damage – obviously, pristine stock will garner a much higher payout than if your bottles are smashed to bits.

Notes of interest:

  • NPCs are being added to islands for cargo runs (see Grogsoaked Ed below)
  • You can do other quests at the same time as cargo runs, including running multiple cargo runs
  • Items can be stolen, they each display where they’re to be delivered meaning if you get robbed you’ll still know where the thieves have to deliver your stolen goods
  • Cargo Runs don’t always start or end with Merchants (they are a Merchant voyage though, so: rep) – they can start or end on outposts, sea posts, or with island NPCs
  • You’ll be able to keep cloth dry by sheltering in caves, or under trees
  • Cargo Runs (and all voyages) in the Devil’s Road are harder – the cargo itself is more difficult (eg: Devil’s Rum is very, vert fragile)
  • Devil’s Cargo is worth more gold (kaching!)
  • Sea Posts!

These new quests offer a great new way to play, and plenty of potential for awesome scenarios. The 19th of September can’t come soon enough.


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