Everything we know about Forsaken Shores

So far…

Updated Sept 14th 2018

The third major content update for Sea of Thieves, Forsaken Shores, is just one week away. With Rare skipping the maintenance update this week in favour of preparing for the new release (due on Talk Like A Pirate Day) we thought we’d take a look at all the things we know for sure arrrrrrr coming, and a few things we can deduce…

Confirmed by Rare:

  • The Devil’s Roar is located East of The Wilds
  • There is one Outpost in the Devil’s Roar
  • You won’t spawn there, you’ll have to prepare and journey there
  • Volcanic activity on the outpost (and other islands?) is ‘random’
  • When erupting, water surrounding the volcanoes super-heats, causing health damage
  • Geysers can shoot you into the air when you run over them
  • Rowboats are discoverable in the world (they don’t spawn with your ship)
  • Rowboats take damage and can be destroyed
  • Rowboats have a storage locker for resources
  • New Merchant quest (Cargo Runs)
    • Deliver plants, material, rum – each takes different types of damage
    • Cargo can be stolen and delivered by other crews
    • Cargo can be Devil’s Road themed (eg: red rum) which is more fragile, but more valuable
    • Cargo can be tasked to be delivered to outposts, seaposts, or NPCs on islands
    • Cargo Runs can be stacked, or done in tandem with another voyage type
  • Sea Posts! Mini outposts on outcrops in the seas, you’ll be able to buy random, discounted cosmetics

Sherlock Holmes:

  • Devil’s Roar will feature region themed chests and trinkets (trailer)
  • The Forsaken Shores campaign will begin at Thieves Haven (trailer)

Datamined (spoilers):


  • Jewellery? (trailer)
  • Fishing/Dice – at E3 Joe Neate said Rare are trying to get a mini-game (heavily hinted as fishing) in to Forsaken Shores but it was not set in stone as a firm target (just a nice-to-have). He also recently confirmed (on a live stream) that dice will be coming but, again, no firm date.
  • Campaign trophy/loot? (related to Gigacrab?)
  • In the original roadmap video from April, Mike and Joe mentioned a very specific AI threat (Mike calls it “fantastical”) that is themed to the new region, however this has not been mentioned since.

Have we missed anything? Let us know.


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