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Developer Update

It’s been a weird week.
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Notes of interest:

  • Rare have realised that because of their passion for getting content out and into the hands of players, they’ve not been leaving enough time for testing – both new features (eg: barrel system) and validation (bugs).
  • Key issues introduced last week have been fixed.
  • Different types of food & ammunition are coming into the game an expanded inventory system was needed – however it came together late, meaning not enough time to implement feedback from Pioneers.
  • Barrel tweaks this week: you’ll be able to see if a barrel is empty, resource quantity in barrels is increased.
  • Take-all/give-all for inventory is coming soon.
  • Quick select for ammo while manning cannons is coming soon.
  • Commendations have been rebalanced. There are plans for Pirate Legends commendations, and more coming soon for all players.
  •  Forsaken Shores is soon!

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