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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Panel

Battle Royale? Battle Royale???
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Notes of interest from the Q&A section:

  • Q: If you square your sails into the wind you sail faster. Mike: I think we should look into that…
  • Q: Why is there a brig on the sloop? Mike: The reason why the brig is there… it may we have a function on the sloop in the future. In terms of level design we needed to earmark space on the sloop. Other reasons to brig players in the future we may be considering as well.
  • Q: Have you thought about implementing a bounty system? Mike: Yes, quite a lot actually, we even prototyped some stuff around it… I believe [a bounty system] would be used negatively as more players would be ‘coerced’ into PVP… Joe: There’s not many things we’d say a flat out “no” to. We’ll put stuff out there and observe and adjust. We don’t quite know where the future lies in terms of trying to balance the player’s behaviours and motivations in that shared world. Mike: That focus of making more story-full quests, the same focus we’ll put into making the quests richer and better, we’ll put that same focus into PVP as well.
  • Q: Battle Royale? Joe: There was never any intent to go up to 100 players [100 players on the Xbox listing during Beta was a default number]. Mike: It would be incredibly easy for us to do Battle Royale in Sea of Thieves, our responsibility would be to go further than that. We understand the question, we have no plans for it. We’d want to put a fresh spin on it if we ever looked at that space.

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