The next Bilge Rat Adventure: Cursed Crews

Cursed Cannonballs and The Reaper’s Mark.

Along with all the new information revealed about Forsaken Shores during Inside Xbox, Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate also told tale of the next Bilge Rat Adventure: Cursed Crews.

This adventure focusses on cursed cannonballs which will be discoverable by exploring the world – we assume in higher spawn rates during the event than in normal play afterwards. New in this release will be an upgraded inventory system to allow effective management of your balls.

Commendations and doubloons for the event will be centred around using the cursed cannonballs on other ships. With this in mind, a new flag is being added: The Reaper’s Mark. This flag will add your ship to the map table of every other ship on your server.

It’s an interesting addition. For this event it’ll lead to a ton of PVP encounters as well all hunt commendations – but, due to it remaining in the world after the event, it’ll be interesting to observe how it’s used in the future. Broadcasting your location for devious or wholesome purposes, with no idea about which ships will come nosing around, is certain to set up some memorable encounters.

Cursed Crews is due to arrive the week of August 27th.


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