Forsaken Shores arrives on September 19th

If you wanna be my lava…

Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate dropped some scolding hot info about the upcoming Forsaken Shores update during the August Inside Xbox show, live from Gamescom. You can watch the video yourself, but here’s the points of interest relayed by Joe:

Forsaken Shores

  • Arrives September 19th!!!
  • The Devil’s Roar is volcanic and perilous
  • You won’t spawn there, you have to choose to venture there, be sure to prepare appropriately
  • Volcanoes might be active, or appear dormant and then become active
  • Geysers may send you up into the air as you run along the ground
  • The water around the islands gets super-heated and you’ll take damage, or die, when swimming
  • The rowboat is coming in with Forsaken Shores; they’re discoverable in the world and can be attached to your ship
  • New merchant quests: Cargo runs – deliver goods to another outpost.
    • Bottles of rum (fragile)
    • Cloth (which must be kept dry)
    • Plants (which must be kept wet)
    • Goods can be stolen and delivered by other crews

Below is a selection of screenshots from the stream. If you want a full video of just the in-game footage, we’ve got you covered!


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