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[Insert balls joke here].
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  • Venom, Snooze and Rigging cursed cannonballs added to the battles this week.
  • Controller sensitivity values have been expanded (probably triggered by this discussion). Update: this change is actually coming in the next Bilge Rat update (week of August 27).
  • Ancient Isles fleet commendation has been fixed – due to this, the Cursed Sails event is being extended by 1 week.
  • Due to feedback on Cursed Sails there will be no time-specific requirements in Forsaken Shores.
  • The first stage of having Skeleton Ships in the world will be having them appear as emergent battles, with an indicator similar to Forts.
  • Beyond the above, the Skelly Ships will be “evolving” in how they emerge in the world.
  • The next Bilge Rats Adventure will bring Cursed Cannonballs into the world. Commendations will be earned based on how you use them, and who you use them on. This addition will add a “lot of value around exploring and finding these, and deciding how to use them”…
  • The Inside Xbox show from gamescom will feature a “glimpse” of Forsaken Shores.

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