Eventually you’ll see banana crates more regularly (updated)

And the 1,000 crate achievement may change too.

Update , 13 August 2018: 

Rare’s PC Design Lead, u/justteddii, has now confirmed that “Step 1” of a three step improvement to supply crates will be coming with the next Bilge Rat Adventure:

The first change going in to our … next Bilge Rat event (almost accidentally revealed the name then!) … will contain increased drop rates and payouts for all three resource crates; cannonballs, wood and bananas. Think of this as step 1.

Step 2 will be an effort to rebalance the commendations/achievements, with plans for Step 3 being a “bit grander” in scope.

If you’ve been reading Sea of News you’ll know the next Bilge Rat Adventure will probably be called The Reaper’s Mark, and potentially feature a PVP focussed challenge.

Original post:

Some of Sea of Thieves’ achievements are easily attainable – leaving the outpost, for example – but there’s a wide range of goals that require a decent amount of grind.

And then there’s crates.

Crates are extremely rare to happen across, and the payout for turning them in is complete out of whack with their rarity. Most pirates are lucky to have come across one or two crates in hundreds of hours of play. Which makes the 1,000 crate achievement stick out as being something effectively unachievable without tens of thousands of hours of grinding.

Forget Pirate Legend. I’ll be impressed when someone gets Banana Legend. from Seaofthieves

As usual, Rare is aware of the situation and has a plan to rectify it, although (as usual) it comes down to a question of priorities.

Rare’s PC Design Lead has been keeping the above thread sporadically updated on Reddit. One month ago:

We’re looking at […] their frequency in-game, their reward value and the amount required for the achievement. Hopefully it should be closer to the 1 month wait than the 3 months though. We will have more to share soon!

And more recently:

My estimate of between 1 and 3 months should be pretty accurate. Cursed Sails of course took a lot of the teams focus but I’ve got a meeting with some of the team next week to discuss the final few (trickier) details of getting this out to players. As we are doing a full rebalance of commendations across the board we also need to take into account how this affects and influences the achievements, as well as players’ progression UI screen. Shouldn’t be long now, thanks for your patience.

For the completionist pirates out there, keep your spy glass on hand – tweaks to crates are on the horizon.


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