Crooked cannon fire

There’s a fix on the way

Updated 8th Aug 2018: Fixed!

For a while now, firing yourself out of a cannon while travelling at high speeds on your ship has occasionally sent you flying at an obtuse angle, landing you well behind (or in front of) your target. It’s been listed as a known issue for a couple of months now, to the frustration of many, but a fix is on the way.

Responding to a Reddit post, Senior Producer, Drew Stevens wrote:

With our Cursed Sails build into its final testing phase, we have been able to free a little time to investigate the dreaded cannon firing issue. We have a solid Repro and confident we have a fix ready to go into testing. This won’t make Cursed Sails Week 1’s build unfortunately, however are pushing hard for this to be in the Week 2’s build.

It’s been a frustrating bug to have to live with for so long, but happy we have a fix in flight! Thanks for your patience while we got the campaign out the door!

It seems that the delay in solving the bug was a combination of it being a tricky problem to accurately reproduce, as well as fitting it in to priorities.

Often, known issues are relegated down the priority list if they’re not game-breaking, or they’re so infrequently encountered as to not have too much impact on play sessions (bendy pirate fingers is a good example). This bug, however, has had a direct impact on play – in particular PVP encounters – so it’s been annoying to a good many pirates for some time now. Praise the almighty Gigagrab that a fix is on the way.


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