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Behind the Scenes: The Brigantine

Party of three.
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Tailored for a crew of three, the Brigantine ship is coming to Sea of Thieves in the Cursed Sails update! Find out how it was brought to life (and how you can expect it to measure up against other ships) with Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Software Engineer Tristan Bell.


  • The brigantine wasn’t on Rare’s roadmap, but they developed it due to player feedback
  • Initial ship designs are roughed in Maya before being modelled by the art team
  • The layout of the brig had been shuffled around as some areas were “too easy” to access
  • Fitting a new ship into the world is the most complicated item to add due to the number if elements it interacts with (waves, storms, Karen, Meg, physics, water fill rate, turn rate etc)
  •  Every aspect of how each ship behaves and handles is hand tuned


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