What’s the deal with all the inactive skeleton forts?

They’re a good place to weather a storm, but not much else.

Currently only Keel Haul Fort, Shark Fin Camp, and The Crow’s Nest Fortress become active for raids. The other forts, while looking exciting and markedly different, never activate. What’s the deal!?

There’s been plenty of banter about this on /r/seaofthieves, but Senior Producer, Drew Stevens recently weighed in with an explanation.

We built most of the Forts well in advance of the feature coming together for launch and during Playtesting had to make lots of changes to the environment to make them a great play space. We focussed on the core 3 for launch and couldn’t get to the rest.

We can definitely make these changes to the remaining forts however have the team working on some awesome Forsaken Shores work as priority. Personally I can’t wait to return to these forts and get them playable, we’ll just pick the right time!

It seems as though the sometimes compact nature of the other forts caused some issues during play testing – perhaps difficulty of traversal or bottle necking.

If the other forts do eventually ‘go live’, let’s hope the retain their unique designs.


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